African american culture ° movement

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused

           ~ Martha Graham 


Middle East culture ° pain

Overcome any bitterness that may have come
because you were not up to the magnitude of the pain
that was entrusted to you.
Like the mother of the world
who carries the pain of the world in her heart
each one of us is part of her heart
and therefore endowed
with a certain measure of cosmic pain.
You are sharing in the totality of that pain.
You are called upon to meet it
in joy instead of self-pity.

    ~   Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan ♥ (Spiritual leader for the Sufi Order in the West)

dance spirit heart of Joy and Pain


Caribbean culture ° kemetic yoga

Kemetic Yoga: learn about how our ancestors purified and balanced mind, body and soul to more closely reflect the divine. Take a journey towards self healing, growth, transformation and self-actualization through breath, movement and meditation.

    ~     Kassandra Kernisan 


Afrique culture ° geste

La danse pour moi, c'est la vie ! Cette vie qui est le geste, a transformé positivement ma personne de la haine, la rage de vengeance, les échecs, le désespoir et la déception...

    ~    Florent Nikiéma


Afrique culture ° Afriques

Mon arme, c'est ma chaloupe, c'est ma danse bénie par les dieux de mes ancêtres. Je danse au-delà des mots et des maux, pour affronter l'espoir de mes Afriques et défendre mes joyeux intérêts. Puissiez-vous les partager avec moi.

    ~    Germaine Acogny


Canada culture ° step

The quickest way to get where you want to go is to take one small step at a time

     ~  SBI!

Dance one small step at a time to infinite conscious movement
Dance one small step at a time to infinite conscious movement


African american culture ° work

My soul has grown over the years, and some of my views have changed. As long as I am alive, I will continue to try to understand more because the work of the heart is never done

     ~   Muhammad Ali 

Muhammad Ali


Haiti culture ° prayer

...if you are who you are and you know who you are and you live working towards realizing your mission in life, every sound out of your mouth is a prayer, every gesture you make is a prayer, every dance you dance is a prayer, and when you make love with somebody you are praying...

     ~  Bayyinah Bello - on Completing The Haitian Revolution pt. 1/2  (1:02:00)


Guyane culture ° jeunesse

Je ne veux pas accepter l'idée de fatalité d'une jeunesse qui serait perdue, d'une jeunesse qui aimerait la mort plus que la vie, d'une jeunesse qui détesterait les autres... Il faut tout déconstruire pour arriver à le défaire

     ~   Christiane Taubira - Tout le monde en parle (46 : 41) Murmures à la jeunesse 


Québec culture ° nature

...My life study is in the miraculous nature of the physical communication of intellect, emotion and spirituality. Dance as catharsis, transformation and revelation...

      ~   Margie Gillis

Margie Gillis, A stone's poem dance


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